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Britt Tisdale

Britt Tisdale is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, writer, and creativity consultant. 

Britt holds a master's degree in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University. She attended University of Florida for undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English, and currently teaches at Rollins College and Abroad Writers Conference. 
For sixteen years Britt has worked with teenagers, adults, and couples. In 2009, she opened her private practice Alive Studios to foster - through counseling, consulting, and her own creative work - living one's story to the full. She is a member of the Central Florida Collaborative Family Law Group, Florida Writers Association, and Women's Fiction Writers Association.
Britt enjoys studying, teaching, and leading groups about the creative process, and has a particular interest in artist coming-of-age novels. Her work centers around the intersection of psychology, literature and spirituality. She enjoys working in downtown Orlando, where she lives with her two children.